ESPN 30 for 30 – One Night In Vegas (Mike Tyson / Tupac)

I don’t know when this is playing, but it is on ESPN. Just finished watching it, had no idea that tupac and tyson were such friends.

I have the two escobars on my computer, haven’t watched that one yet.

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Posted on September 8th, 2010

Biggie Smalls or Biggy Smallz? (article)

A dope writeup was found at the home of geniuses, Grand Good.  Its an in-depth article on the history of B.I.G.’s “Biggie Smalls” moniker.  I thought I knew the history  but there seems to be a lot more to it. I also found it was a character in Pottier/Cosby movie sequel.  Tupac fans will get a kick of the full article after the jump.

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Posted on October 14th, 2009

Skillz – Hip-Hop Confessions (video)

Skillz starts a new video series called Hip-Hop Confessions.  The title pretty much says it all. He’s just bringing some much needed honesty to the game, especially us fans of the culture and music.  Instead of Keep It Real, let’s Keep It Honest – word to JGilla.  Its refreshing and emapthetic to hear these guys admit the things they have.

I’ll give you my hip-hop confession…

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Posted on April 8th, 2009

The Tupac/Biggie L.A. Times round-up


As most of you already know, the LA times published a report today that states Diddy and Biggie (along with some associates) knew of and took part in the shooting attack on Tupac Shakur at Quad Studios in 1994. Tupac has always claimed that Biggie knew who set him up and the East Coast/West Coast division immediately followed. Diddy has already made straightforward denials to any of the claims. Here is a round up of what’s being said:

* Eskay gives you quick bulletpoints

* MTV gives some coverage attention to the article

* MissInfo expresses her lack of belief in the piece

Photo souce: TSS

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Posted on March 17th, 2008