Franchise w/ Scratch – 11.10


Just a last reminder – I will be at Club 6 in San Francisco on Saturday. This is a show for hip-hop heads and lovers of good music. It will be a good weekend, trust. You guys have some inside information: 1) I am going on from 10-11pm. The set will def get your head noddin’ and feet moving. Expect songs you forgot about and joints wish you knew. 2) If you go here, you can get in free before 10:30. If you are a late arriver, then just buy tickets here. “I ain’t talkin’ bout it, I am livin’ it.”

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Posted on November 8th, 2007

Underground Live presents…




Yours Truly (DJ Franchise) will be blessing the 1’s & 2’s at CLUB 6 on November 10th. Opening up for Scratch of the Roots. Watch him here in action.



Underground Live is bringing you the event and they never fall short of expectations (Shout out to Simeon, Bobby, and Charles). These young men are homies of mine and architects, as well as fans, of the culture. Come represent for me, Scratch, and just good hip-hop. Recommend to get your tickets ASAP.



BONUS: Franchise – Oh My God! Mix 2007

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Posted on October 22nd, 2007