Gaslamp Killer explains his name…

In honor of my DJ gig at Bar Dynamite in San Diego tomorrow w/ the homie DJ Beatnick, here is a video of SD’s own but exiled “Gaslamp Killer”. Great insight to this genre breaking DJ. Stole this from fellow SD DJ, Face Melter, who by coincidence I am spinnig with, along DJ Mamabear, at Double Dutch tonight in San Francisco. I’m all over Cali this weekend.

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Posted on August 6th, 2010

KG’s “What I Learned”…. 2




Things I learned while Felix came to visit



1. My monkey ball skills have evolved into something unstoppable. haahha

2. There are hookers in ESCO now… yeah&….trust me it was strange; What is the city comin to? I get my truck broken into and get my cam stolen… and now there are hookers walkin’ around washington and mission..

3. I spend too much time tryin’ to be a hero and not enough time causin’ anarchy and chaos

4. I can talk my way out of fights… still.. I kept thinkin WWJD…the drunk dude looked kind of like him. who wants to fight someone that looks like that?

5. Watching Diane (my sister) get poked in the eye by the christ look alike was funny..which is what started the altercation.

6. Saying you have asthma and pushin’ Jesus dude off of you is funny…even more so when he says something random like ” i have a microphone… and I am gonna f*ck you up” you can all think of endless amount of fun I had with this guy.

7. Pacific Beach has the hottest women ever!

8. If you want to disprove 7, get at me. hahaha

9. Amazing how how good hip hop makes all the shitty things go away for a minute.

10. I think Jonathan was busting ass and blamed it on other people.

11. Felix still gots it… “Erika… she needs to talk to you.. now..your hot” HAHAHAHA!

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Posted on October 17th, 2007