Raekwon – Molasses



Raekwon dropped a gem of a track with this one.  At first,  I was weary that Rick Ross but unlike Lupe Fiasco, Ross seems to be getting better with each album. The new Raekwon album has a new Nas/Raekwon collabo which I will let you get the album to hear.  (source)  Sorry for the slow posting.  Dealing with some personal stuff, tons of work, and recently had to replace my wallet/phone.  Thanks for the support.


Raekwon – Molasses

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Posted on March 2nd, 2011

Erykah Badu – Window Seat (remix)/Turn Me Away

If you are a hip-hop head and don’t like these two joints, you might as well call yourself “old” and possess no soul. Two of the best tracks on Badu’s newest album, Erykah directs a video for both songs. The Window Seat Remix is an unofficial remix by Rick Ross but she loved it so much, she made it part of this video. Proud of Nah Right for posting it and I bring it to you. Stay postive, people.

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Posted on August 13th, 2010

Rick Ross Instrumentals


The homie FWMJ asked for Rick Ross Instrumentals today for the Deeper Than Rap album.  I thought I had it but I ended up not.  So I put together the instrumentals that I do have for your enjoyment.  After seeing Officer Ricky perform at the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors award last night, I prefer to listen to his beat selection and not his vocals.

DJ Franchise (KTL) – Collection of Rick Ross Instrumentals

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Posted on October 15th, 2009

Rick Ross – Magnificent (remix) *** UPDATED***

I heard this was in the mix for awhile. It was cool to see Special Ed in the “Magnificent” video, now he’s on the remix with Big Boi, too! His flow is deeper and slower (no fish sticks) but sounds right on the track. Glad to see Ed back since Crooklyn Dodgers days. I’ve been a Special Ed fan since Day 1. “I Got It Made” is in my all-time top 3 songs ever. There are talks that there is a larger, all-star version that is in the making and this is just a teaser. Courtesy of NR.

Rick Ross – Magnificent (remix feat. Big Boi & Special Ed)

*** UPDATED ***

Rick Ross – Magnificent (Remix feat. Big Boi, Special Ed, & Diddy)Kinda All Starish (shrugs)

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Posted on June 11th, 2009

Rick Ross – “All I Really Want” (Feat. The Dream)(Video)

Officer Ross and Radio Killa go to Escobar’s hometown to film the next single from Deeper than Rap. This song is in my lane when it comes to club poppin. But I could do with out Dream’s man boobs in that jacket. But the “scenery” makes up for that. Probably the best set of “talent” since Snoop’s “Beautiful” video. For the Vinnie Chase fans, peep the vid after the jump. All creativity and props goes to TC.

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Posted on May 6th, 2009

The Mundy Breakdown

Matt Mundy, guest contributor to TSS, gives an insightful breakdown of the “Speedin'” and “I’m So Hood Remix” videos. They both share odd cameos, Khaled and Ross. And to be honest, its my hate for DJ Khaled that really sparked my interest in what Mundy had to say and I was not disappointed. “We make movies” and “We the best” are prob the most ignorant quotes of the past decade for hip-hop. But I gotta admit, I do a pretty good, 3-minute imitation of Khaled when I have a few coronas in me. So click and enjoy!

Mundy on “I’m So Hood Remix” Video

Mundy on “Speedin'” Video

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Posted on April 1st, 2008

Rick Ross X Jay-Z: Maybach Music

New joint from Ross. Off that Trilla album. Like who the guest feature is.

Rick Ross – Maybach Music (feat. Jay-Z)


M.O.P. – Get Rich (feat.Bilal)

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Posted on February 29th, 2008