Gaslamp Killer Scratch Routine

I’ve become more and more a fan of GLK. I wrote him off as a wack DJ and kinda gimmicky because of his look. But, after the push from a few well-respected friends, I’ve become really impressed. This guy is all about the music and knows his craft. As a DJ, those are the two things you really look for any musician. Check him out get his turntablist skills out at this year’s NAMM Scratchlive booth.

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Posted on March 11th, 2011

Gaslamp Killer explains his name…

In honor of my DJ gig at Bar Dynamite in San Diego tomorrow w/ the homie DJ Beatnick, here is a video of SD’s own but exiled “Gaslamp Killer”. Great insight to this genre breaking DJ. Stole this from fellow SD DJ, Face Melter, who by coincidence I am spinnig with, along DJ Mamabear, at Double Dutch tonight in San Francisco. I’m all over Cali this weekend.

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Posted on August 6th, 2010

Flying Lotus



Don’t know if you listen to Flying Lotus, but I do. I like his stuff.  If you like prefuse 73 or jdilla, this tends to fall into similar territory in terms of electronic music derived from hip hop with lotus’ being between prefuse’s frenetic chopping and dilla’s amazingly soulful concoctions. I found this article in the new yorker from last week and thought it was good for the KTL readers. I look to guys like Flying Lotus in terms of experimenting with the music as creators of new offshoots of traditional hip hop sounds. See what you think after you read the article.

Franchise Edit: I tend to take any suggestions from JGILLA with a lot of weight b/c he is picky about his music.  So, I recommend to visit this guy’s myspace and take a listen.  The article is a good read and if I’m not mistaken, I might’ve met with Gaslamp at one of the Dance Right parties.  In any sense, my challenge to our readers is to post some songs for us to listen to or info to inform.  One.

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Posted on December 4th, 2008