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Earmilk reached out to me for an interview and I was honored to be part of a new series for this classy site.  Basically, the concept was if someone wanted to know in a brief amount of time what your DJ style was, this what I would give them.  Check my interview here. Hope you like the mix.



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Posted on January 27th, 2012

Earmilk features DJ Franchise

Just wanted to share a very humbling and in-depth write up that popped on my Twitter timeline today. I had no idea this was written  but I’ve been getting a lot of listens, shout outs and emails from this piece.  Literally got over 1,000 listens on my soundcloud in one day. Shout out to Liz Choi for the write-up, though. I feel very blessed to have such nice things said.  But, it also made me think of two things:

1) For DJs & other creatives, always present your best effort because you never know who’s paying attention

2) I am very lucky to have the support and encouragement from my people to pursue this passion of mine.  Whether it be words, your own work, or getting me a gig, you’ve inspired me to elevate my craft.

Take a gander at the article and if you can comment or post it somewhere: Earmilk features DJ Franchise.

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Posted on July 5th, 2011