Gaslamp Killer explains his name…

In honor of my DJ gig at Bar Dynamite in San Diego tomorrow w/ the homie DJ Beatnick, here is a video of SD’s own but exiled “Gaslamp Killer”. Great insight to this genre breaking DJ. Stole this from fellow SD DJ, Face Melter, who by coincidence I am spinnig with, along DJ Mamabear, at Double Dutch tonight in San Francisco. I’m all over Cali this weekend.

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Posted on August 6th, 2010

Jonathan Shecter – Picking Up the Nas Illmatic Rough Mix

DJ Beatnick from San Diego put me on to Jonathan Shecter (aka Shecky Green). Although, I didn’t remember the name, I knew his story.  He was one of the co-founders of the Source when it was just a newsletter at Harvard which turned to the most influential hip-hop magazine at its peak.  He left before the Benzino/David Mays debacle.  Anyways, he nows lives in Vegas, makes the Hip-Hop Honey DVDs, and plays Poker at the high stakes level.  Occassionally, you can catch him on Twitter, telling stories from the Source days or earlier.  A site called Shecky Stories has compiled his Twitter stories for your ADD entertainment. Below is the gem of a story of when he got the rough mix to Nas’ Illmatic and what The Source staff’s reaction was to it at their first hearing.  Pretty amazing.  Check out Shecky Stories for stories on Biggie and 2Pac as well.

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Posted on March 22nd, 2010