Mike Tyson: GQ Interview

Everything You Think You Know About Mike Tyson Is Wrong.

That’s the title of the article. For all of 50 KTL readers, you probably already know alot about Mike and everything you read in the article is not new or corrective. But the article is interesting in reading about Mike and where he is at the point of his personal and emotional growth. His conflicting self-image resonates with me and I respect that he is trying to be the person he wants to be, especially for his daughter. Much like Ricky Williams, Tyson was a talented athlete wasn’t emotionally mature to deal with the system and public’s expectations. Thus, crippling him and creating a very self-centered and self-serving individual. They both are in that state but are looking to “transcend”. Interview after the jump.

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Posted on July 29th, 2010

Fight Night – Round 4

Tyson vs. Ali? I think this is one of the best video game ideas ever. Heck, now my dad and I can enjoy playing a video game. Family fun. This game looks amazing. Avail this summer for XBOX 360 and PS3. I may have to get one now. Official site. Jacked from WMF.

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Posted on March 20th, 2009