DJ Platurn – Journey Into Sound (mixtape)


The homie DJ Platurn sent over his really eclectic and impressive Journey Into Sound mix from the CD of the same name.  Here’s the official press info:



This CD showcases what you can expect from a DJ Platurn live show:
A wide variety of hip-hop, funk, reggae, breaks, old-school cuts, and blend routines all expertly mixed like a real DJ should, and topped off with just the right scratches to complement the music. It’s a throwback to the wide array of skills that used to be expected of DJs, and it’s a display of deep crates, serious music knowledge, and real skills. Like all great mixtapes from the past, this one is timeless.

When I asked Platurn for what’s really on the mix, here’s how he keeps it real:

“Coldcut’s Paid In Full samples, DJ Nu-Mark, The Godfather of Soul, Platurn Blends, Kraftwerk, New York in the early 80’s, familiar reggae vocals, Slick Rick & BDP, Nina Simone, Relaxation a la Electric, the greatest Rap Group of all time, songs with no words in ’em and a DJ’s musical ego on full blast.  Plus a few other tidbits in between.  Enjoy!

DJ Platurn – Journey Into Sound (Mix CD)

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