Wu-Tang is dead?

So… RZA is saying that he is unsure that they will ever make an album together again. He says Wu-Tang is forever but business with his clanmates is done. So, much like G at Grandgood, I ask “if they never record again, are they still a group?” Are there other groups that never make a record again but still a group? Fugees? Gangstarr? I don’t know…. Swiped from GG via ProHH. Full interview after the jump…

**UPDATE: Metal Lungies surprised me with a dope interview with Meth (lucky bastards).  Meth claims “Wu is still tight” but didn’t even know that RZA dropped a new album.  Go there for the interview.

RZA’s in the midst of his Bobby Digital tour for the release of Digi Snax. He’s getting quite a bit of press attention and appears to be taking the opportunity to dig into past history quite freely.

RZA spoke recently on the unlikelihood of another Wu-Tang Clan album:

“I don’t know, really, to tell you the truth…Wu-Tang is forever, I think, and we’ll be making the same sounds, whether we make it together or separately. But as far as making an album together, I don’t know.”

“I wouldn’t want to get into a business relationship with the Wu-Tang Clan because it hurt my business, Universal Music’s business, the record business. It hurt a lot of people when they wouldn’t show up for music videos, for press. It (wastes) a lot of people’s money. A lot of people got fired — the guys don’t even know how many people got fired because of them.”

“That’s just not good business, and I’m a businessman. I need to keep my name clean, so I can go anywhere in the world and do anything and people know there’s professionalism behind it.”

That comes after quite a bit of messiness around 8 Diagrams that seemed to leave everyone dissatisfied, from musicians to fans, and RZA having to address a wide range of brand attacks from fellow Wu-Tang members.

Sounds like he’s finally moving on with his own business.

Wow, so did the mighty Wu-Tang Clan actually fall “not with a bang, but a whimper“?

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2 Responses to “Wu-Tang is dead?”

  1. Dj01 on June 27th, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Yoo- Thanks for the link like always man! We didn’t get lucky, we had to handover 3 newborn babies to make it happen

  2. DJ Franchise a/k/a Francis Chiser on June 28th, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    3 newbon babies? Yeah… ummm… sounds about right for a method interview. good work.