The Invisibl Skratch Piklz Reunite (SF)


Fellow LA to Bay transplant and Party Medic, Fran Boogie, sent me and few friends an email about the Invisibl Skratch Piklz reunion that spontaneously took place last Friday. I happended to be at home resting. That’s what I get for sleeping on this event. The story of how it went down after the jump…

Fran Boogie writes:

History was made on Friday, December 5th at Club Six in San Francisco. 4 of the greatest turntablists reunited together for the first time, in 1 room, under 1 roof after 15 years – The world famous, Invisibl Skratch Piklz. The originators of band/ group DJs – the forefathers of turntablism. Some might say it was chance, but I say it was fate. I was there to witness the reuniting of the 4 of the best that ever did it…these dudes are the blueprint that many DJs follow. Mix Master Mike, Q-Bert, Shortkut and Apollo. The event was for Club Six’s 10 Year Anniversary where they enlisted Mix Master Mike and Shortkut to spin at the event and where I emceed.

The basement opens up at 11:30pm on Friday…Shortkut was in the mix and me on the mic. The room starts to fill with folks. Then Mix Master Mike comes up behind me, the crowd goes starts cheering. Short gets pumped and is now doing scratch routines and doubles like he was at a DMC battle back in the 90’s, then Q-Bert walks up behind Mike, the crowd starts shouting like wild animals and then is followed by Apollo – the crowd loses it. It felt so surreal…millions of flashing lights kept going off…people cheered, some speechless, most of them were surprised – like we all were. Mr. E and I were caught in the middle…it was like we were at some rock concert. Un-fuckin-explainable…all I know is that they are back. The City boys are back. San Francisco raise it up…the boys are in the buildin’.

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