De La Soul – Live and New Songs

Flying under the radar due to the hype of the NBA playoffs, Cassie vs. Rhianna, “Motherlover”, and the Relaspe leak; De La Soul has been making moves and noise with the signature quality music. They just got back from Australia where my favorite mixtape DJ, J. Period, was opening for them. Then they released last week the stellar mix for Nike, which the homie, Dukes, took the time to chop up the mp3 for 2 new songs.

After the jump are some vlogs of J. Period’s trip to Australia and De La discussing the Best of Q-Tip mixtape.



*** UPDATE: I haven’t visited Cold Rock Da Spot in awhile but I am glad I did today because they dropped a great post on De La’s rare songs and remixes then proceeded to give them to you, the hip-hop loving public. Now stop reading and go check it out!

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