A-Trak at Fat Beats

A-Trak put on a great show in the closing days of Fat Beats (NY). Just Blaze and other were in attendance. During the show, he speaks on what Fat Beats means to him personally and does some mixing for the crowd. Brought to you via Rosenberg. I know I haven’t talked much about Fat Beats closing but I wanted to take a moment here to say a few words. Fat Beats closing is a true sad moment for hip-hop but mostly for DJs and artists. I haven’t been a fan of people blaming the consumers for Fat Beats’ closing. True serato DJs and online music has made it difficult to for a majority of retail outlets to survive. But to plan the DJs and customers is simple-minded and scapegoatish. Why not put some fault on the artist for not putting out quality music to buy? Why not ask Fat Beats business owners what their business model was to adapt to online and technological advances? Was there quality and sound business practices in place? Was pricing an issue? Did rent or payroll cause the closure? I ask these question not to deflect blame but ask the hip-hop public to be a little more critical and scrutinize the situation before following media trends. Again, I am sad its closed but be smart about our reaction.

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