That Just Happened! /Now what?


Today I find it is hard for me to report something different than what is already being reported in the media. I suppose what is best is to just share with you my personal experience from last night, and then invite everyone to do the same. I want to know your election experience, feelings, perspective and anecdotes. Please post your stories via the comment thread, or email me and I will post the best stories separately.



For those who may not know, DJ Franchise and I threw an election night party last night at Nickies in San Francisco. We had a huge turn-out that kept the place packed from 6:30pm to about 12:30am.

7pm:The polls from the east begin to close and the numbers roll in. Indiana flips twice, Pennsylvania goes blue early and New England follows suit. It feels like the calm before the storm. People pour in off the street, the music is cut low, and the cheers grow along with every electoral vote that is cast for Obama.

8:15pm: The count is 207 to 144 Obama. With 22% reporting in Ohio and Florida, they sink into deeper shades of blue, but the media is nervous to call them for Obama. Fox news is focusing on anything but the numbers which is a good sign. Because of the last two elections, I believe every Obama supporter around me is still cautious, and denies their hopes to climb to high.

8:40pm: Out of the blue(get it?) and in harmony, CNN MSNBC NPR and The AP call the race for Obama! The race was over before it even started. What happened was the west coast batted clean up. Once the polls in California, Oregon and Washington began reporting, they tipped the race handily for Obama. It was magic. Champagne popped, strangers were buying drinks for strangers, and girls were actually talking to me. The best I can describe the feeling, was like Christmas morning when I was a kid. No, it was like Christmas morning for a kid who just won an Olympic metal for walking on the moon. No wait, I got it this time. Gold metal Moon walking Christmas day followed a New Years eve party type of euphoria. So it was a Gold Metal Christmas Olympic New Years kind of a feeling. Make sense?

8:50pm: McCain delivers a concession speech that was not so much about defeat, but about hope, service and history; pledging his service to the new president-elect. The message appears to have been lost among his audience. The speech was welled respected among my fellow San Franciscans, as we all watch with reverence.

9:15pm: Obama takes the stage and addresses the nation from Chicago. His speech focuses on history, hope and the reality of the challenges ahead. He cancelled the fireworks scheduled in efforts to temper the nations expectations.

9:30pm: DJ Franchise hits the decks with a celebration mix that keeps the moment suspended for the rest of the night. You will have to email him and bug him to post it.

10pm: I walked down Haight street to Molotov’s for a celebratory shot of whiskey with friends. On the way there, twice strangers for random hugs stop me. The electricity in the street was incredible. ‘This is what history looks like’. It finally hit me. Declaration of Independence, The New Deal, Moon Walk, Obama. America just redefined itself with one more brilliant stroke.

10:30pm:  I witness a car accident, were the victim gets out of the car, walks up to the drunk driver, and says with a smile “Don’t worry about it; isn’t tonight amazing!” They both turn their hazard lights on, park their cars in the middle of the street and file into the bar.

Congratulations America.


What’s your story???


Oh and PS, to everyone who hated on Obama and my Predictions way back…I told you so.

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One Response to “That Just Happened! /Now what?”

  1. kadie on November 6th, 2008 at 11:18 am

    Touching post, Amart. It made me emotional all over again. I’m not as articulate as you and may tend to ramble, but here’s my story:

    I have always, always admired those involved in the 1960s civil rights and anti-war movements. I get goose bumps watching video of UCB student activism, listening to anti-war songs from that era. I think it was so cool that my parents, fed up with the Vietnam War, moved with a bunch of their friends to Montana to live on the land, build their own homes, and try to distance themselves from the turmoil our country was going through. They weren’t out there protesting, but it’s neat they at least did something a little out of the norm.

    Tuesday night and the previous week weren’t perfect: I got in a fight with my best friend, someone hit my car last week, my friend and her husband are separating, my aunt is going through chemo. I know you all can add to this list; it seems like everyone is going through a difficult time for one reason or another. I’ve also felt a great lack of faith in people, our society, for a long time. But that huge, incredible, ground-breaking moment Tuesday night truly made me feel empowered, that my views are shared, that together it’s possible and a difference has been made. Reading the blogs I follow from around the world on Wednesday morning, everyone was posting something about feeling relief, great joy, and a happiness that I too shared.

    Obama’s speech is the moment I remember most. The bar was crowded, and as I looked around, everyone, with their eyes glued to the tv, had smiles on their faces. There we were, my best friends and strangers, linked together for one fantastic moment. And still, two days later, the feeling of hope continues. All the day-to-day problems are gonna be ok since it feels like maybe, hopefully, Obama can make the world ok. That he will be a positive force we so desperately need.

    Like the ‘60s, we are all apart of a very important time in history, and how wonderful is that. Obama’s victory reminds me that despite life’s curveballs, I am very, very grateful for the amazing people in my life and maybe for the first time, humanity in general.