Guide to Internet Break-Ups…

I found this to be an insightful and entertaining write-up on how to deal with your relationship status during these days of the internets.  I know that some of you are going through this right now, so I am trying to help you out. Plus, if you are going into the summer aka “The Jumpoff Season” – this is good to read after the jump.  Don’t know what “Jumpoff Season” is? Then, you def need to read this post by Dallas Penn! Like now.

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Posted on June 15th, 2011

Internets Celebrities – ICNYC

No Pity in the Naked City (I.C. NYC promo) from Internets Celebrities on Vimeo.

Starting on June 1st, the homies Rafi Kam & Dallas Penn (aka the Internets Celebrities) will be launching a 6 web series on New York as the way they see it. In their words, “from all corners of New York, we celebrate the lunatic fringe, capture the fleeting moments and reveal the city’s unspoken truths. Then we eat.” Check back here for the series when they launch it. Excited for this.

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Posted on May 31st, 2011

Snoop busted in BMore Drug Raid


Felicia Pearson. aka Snoop, was arrested this morning in Baltimore wide drug bust on heroin and marijuana operations. Sad news. I know she’s had a troubled past but I still champion for her to get better and progress.  Hopefully, the charges don’t stick and she gets out of that city.  Reported by NPR.  You can read David Simon’s reaction to the whole incident here.

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Posted on March 10th, 2011

My Thoughts on Oscar Grant Verdict & Oakland

As a resident of Oakland, I just wanted to give a salute and note of recognition to the people of the ‘Town.  That protesting and crowds acted in a mostly peaceful and orderly manner after the verdict was announced.  I watched the news and much like the verdict was disappointed but  not surprised.  KRON 4 especially exhibited racist tendencies, particularly in labeling the whole crowd “black” when the visuals definitively showed a ethnic diversity in the crowd.  And they tried sensationalize in tidbit of data to make seem like a “riot” or “mayhem” was happening in Oakland. The energy and tension was high at times but nothing escalated to a “riot” form.  Some of my friends in the mix, actually described it more as a street fair atmosphere than a rally.

Anyways, don’t believe the hype.  Oakland didn’t “riot” last night.  We protested, gathered, and rallied.  A few isolated incidents of looting took place but that was within almost the same block, not citywide-spread.  I decided to DJ last night to give a soundtrack of soul and emotion to those who wanted to listen.  The spot was full, surprisingly, and I was complimented several times with playing positive, politicized music to keep the spirits high.

My optimism is not high the emotion and momentum from yesterday will carry over past the weekend. If I can call on any of our readers to submit ideas, comments, and opportunities for action – please feel free to use this site as a forum for your discussion.  Thanks for hearing me out.  Last words – we have more power than we perceive.

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Posted on July 9th, 2010

Immortal Technique’s visit to Haiti

The homie, KG, put me up on to Immortal Technique years ago.  Admittedly, I am more a fan of his messages and interviews than I am of his music.  After seeing him perform at Rock The Bells a few summers ago, its undeniable that his fans are much more than fairweather but rather, loyalists and purveyors of his causes.  So, it was no surprise to me that I saw on Nah Right,  he posted his findings from his recent visit to Haiti.  Its still an area of the world that needs our attention beyond the initial $5.00  text we all donated in the beginning.  Its a lengthy but good read.  Take a moment from your day and go outside of your bubble.  His letter is after the jump.

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Posted on July 8th, 2010

The Oscar Grant Possible Verdicts

I was mere few miles away from the BART station when Oscar Grant was killed a few years ago.  After viewing the video, I truly believe that Oscar posed no threat to the officer that shot him, Johannes Mershele. Now, whether a jury can see that is yet to be known.  Thanks to info and friends on the internets, here are the possible verdicts of the case.  I post this so people make informed actions on the day of the verdict and don’t play off of media hype and spins.  More info if you want it. On a last note, I don’t believe that Oakland is that emotional height to emulate the LA Riots in the 90s but if the verdict that is given is not what the community expected, please act with decisiveness and unity.  That’s all.

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Posted on July 7th, 2010

Internets Celebrities – Stadium Status

Rafi Kam & the homie, Dallas Penn, are taking their grassroot documentaries to the masses with this one. After a week of exposure from the New York Times and MSNBC, its cool to see good homies take the blog game to another level. The documentary talks about the money funneled into the new stadiums of NY but how the trickle-down method isn’t working. In an entertaining fashion, of course. Good stuff!

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Posted on June 16th, 2010

(Red) All Over

Early December 2009, in collaboration with fashion designer Vena Cava, Converse released these limited edition All Star Chuck Taylor’s for the 1Hund(Red) charity campaign. Converse collaborated with 100 different artist from around world to create designs for the collection, inwhich 15% of the proceeds are donated to international (Red) charity which supports aids relief around the world.

I spotted these being worn by a fellow Lower Haighter in San Francisco and I just so happened to have my camera with me.

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Posted on April 11th, 2010

Bastards of the Party (Documentary)

Great documentary about the history of the Bloods and Crips. Better than that Cash Warren/Baron Davis produced movie. Che Sloan (“Bone” from Training Day) narrates and directed this movie. I enjoyed and respected this movie because of its research and depth. It was also inspired from one of my favorite books, City of Quartz. Its not a complete history and I think they make the gangs sounds a little more politicized than they really are – but, that’s my opinion. This is the whole doc, so expect to watch it for over an hour. Spread the Knowledge.

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Posted on March 19th, 2010

Haiti Benefit – Bay Area – 2nite!

Tonight at 330 Ritch, there will be a MAJOR event going to help benefit the families of Haiti.  I am really proud of the h-hop culture, particularly DJs, that have come together for this cause.  I threw my own event last Sunday to raise some money but its real cool to see ppl unifying forces to get action going.  Sake1 says better than I could so listen:

“We are all struggling to do our part for tha people of Haiti, who suffered a catastrophic earthquake last week, one that may leave as many as 200,000 people dead and countless more at risk of disease, homelessnes, and trauma.

Please join us in our humble efforts to raise needed funds here in tha Bay Area, this week and into tha future. This is a long-term committment yall — it will take YEARS for Haiti to recover and rebuild, and they will need our support and solidarity through that process. Tha era of tha US neglecting and isolating Haiti is now over — if our government won’t help Haiti’s people, its up to US.”

If you are in the Bay Area, another event will be held at the Shattuck Downlow in Berkele, Supported by Angel Magik, Ankh Marketing, Tastemaker Live, Local 1200, Dee Cee’s Soul Shakedown, Shattuck Down Low, Fiyawata Crew, featuring DJ sets by DJ MPENZi, DJ SERG, DJ I ALEXIS, DJ JAH YZER, DJ CONSHUS and emceed by PHIFE from A TRIBE CALLED QUEST.

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Posted on January 20th, 2010